Thursday, June 2nd • 5 – 6pm PDT

Brave New World of the Metaverse & NFTs for Writers

A writer's guide to using virtual worlds, digital goods, and NFTs to connect with readers and promote your work


Not sure how the Metaverse can transform your career? This is the place for you. 

Writer Paul Bradley Carr has been fascinated by the Metaverse for almost 20 years. Ever since his 2004 book, The Tourist’s Guide to Second Life, he's been intrigued by the huge potential of this brave new world, but cynical about the amount of scammy-ness and BS that exists in the so-called “Web 3.0”

With renewed hype around the Metaverse and NFT’s, creators everywhere - including writers, musicians, and filmmakers - are exploring how these new technologies might change the way they connect with their readers and fans.

Paul is hosting this free Zoom to answer questions that successful writers need to know about this brave new world.


  • What the hell is the Metaverse (and how does it relate to NFTs and Crypto?). Paul offers a complete tour of what already exists, and what’s coming next.
  • How can writers use the Metaverse to connect with readers (and maybe even sell more books?)
  • What are NFTs? Should writers experiment with them? and if so how?
  • What could I lose by *not* paying attention to the Metaverse?
  • How have other successful writers used the Metaverse and NFTs?
  • How can I avoid scamming my readers, or being taken in by scams myself?

He is here to answer all your questions about what this is and how to use it to amplify your writing career.


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Paul Bradley Carr

Paul Bradley Carr is the author of The Upgrade, Bringing Nothing To The Party, and Sober Is My New Drunk.

Previously, he was a Silicon Valley columnist for the Guardian, editor of Pando, and a variety of things at Techcrunch. He was the founder of NSFWCORP and host of the nightly NSFWLIVE radio show. He also co-founded the publishing company, The Friday Project. 

He has also written for/been fired by a host of prestigious publications including The Wall St Journal, The Times of London, National Geographic, The Huffington Post, Private Eye, The Daily Telegraph, Food and Wine, BBC Radio, Channel 4 TV (UK).

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