Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 • 5 – 6pm PDT/8 - 9pm EST

Mythbusters: Everything You've Been Told About Negotiation is a LIE

You're worth more.       30% more in fact. 

Didn’t get a raise? It might not be (just) the patriarchy’s fault.

Like it or not negotiation is hella gendered. 

Womxn have been primed from a young age NOT to ask for what we want and deserve. We are taught that asking is rude and that being assertive is unladylike. That's complete bullsh*t. You deserve more and you know it. 

60% of women NEVER negotiate for more from their careers.

Meanwhile, our male counterparts never stop asking for more money, more flexibility, and more promotions. 

We need a negotiation coach who specializes in equipping women to ask for and get what they deserve.

Kathryn Valentine has built her career on teaching women a negotiation framework that works for women. Negotiation techniques used by men do not work for women. We come across as too aggressive and unlikeable or not assertive enough--don't get trapped in this double bind!

She is here to teach our course, Negotiate Like a Girl starting October 24th, 2022.

In the face of a recession, you cannot afford to miss the chance to get more money, flexibility, and visibility at your job.

Meet Kathryn as she busts every myth you were ever told about negotiation in this FREE negotiation workshop.


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Kathryn Valentine

Kathryn Valentine

Kathryn has spent years developing her approach to gendered advocacy. She has worked with multi-billion dollar corporations to retain and promote high-performing women, and individual women to craft a career they love. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Working Mother and Adweek. Her client list includes top-tier companies such as Bain, KPMG, and JP Morgan. She's on a mission to support professional women and the companies who want them to thrive.

 Negotiate Like a Girl

For women ready to get paid what they are worth

You deserve more and the odds are, your boss knows it. Women are taught to be polite, selfless, and grateful to even be included at the table. Let’s name that inferiority complex for what it is--complete bullsh*t. Kathryn has spent years developing her approach to gendered advocacy and she has created a 6-week course to help you negotiate your worth. Details below: 

Unlocking Aha
  • 6 weeks of active and engage, online, asynchronous instruction
  • 12+ hours of instruction and office hours from Kathryn Valentine
  • Live office hours to connect directly with your instructor and peers
  • Tactics to help improve your negotiation skills 
  • A step-by-step negotiation plan
  • Free ChairmanMe membership (valued at $120 per year)
  • Total Cost of the course: $1,800

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